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We share this Planet Earth with many of us.

Within every human we can find something which we can call The Soul.

Look within the physical-body and the Soul is there.

Every soul is growing through many life-times. It is the consciousness within, which grows.

Every life-time the soul grows by learning. It becomes more aware of things.

We learn by having experiences, gaining knowledge, understanding, reflecting and observing.

We are on this planet to learn and to grow. It is the purpose of our life and the reason why life

challenges us continously. It is the discovery of what is our greatest potential.

At a certain moment the focus of learning shifts from learning about the World outside of us

to learning more about our inner-World.

The soul wants to know itself. We start to question ourselves who we are.

In this learning about who we are, we awaken. We wake-up from our psychological-conditioning and become more free.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic starting in 2020 this Awakening of Humanity has accelerated.

Now more and more people are Waking Up and become more aware of who we are and the society in which we live.

This increase of awareness on the planet is reflected by a lot of social-changes, disruptions of systems and polarity among people.

We live in a time of change, but change however unevitable, goes with ups and downs.

On the other end change will come. Whether we like it or not, evolution is a necessity.

In the next decade the planet will shift massively towards a so called "New Earth".

A "New Earth" driven by big economical, technological, societal, healthcare and educational changes.

It is the arising of a new humanity, the next step in human-evolution.

The Awakening of Humanity.


Roelof de Vries

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Life - Evolution

Blog: "Once what you are doing has for you meaning."

The Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert talk about the two "hungers". There is the Great Hunger and there is the Little Hunger. The Little Hunger wants food for the belly; but the Great Hunger, the greatest hunger of all, is the hunger for meaning.

Brain - Mind

Blog: "Move beyond the thinking mind"

Since I was young I was always looking for knowledge. The more knowledge I would get the better I would understand. To get this knowledge I would read books, books and books and finally study philosophy at the university.

Brain - Mind

Vlog: "What is knowledge versus Truth?"

​Gaining knowledge has been very important in my life till recently, but during my quest for knowledge I did find out the difference between knowledge and truth. I found out knowledge, which is based on thinking or in other words mental concepts is limited and never able to fully meet what is called truth.

Self-realization: "Be your deepest essence."


  • Practical, specific and interactive.
  • From "Understanding" to "Experience".
  • "Your Way to Self-realization".


By giving presentations, community, lectures, training and webinars I offer my services to assist you in how to become more conscious and live a more "conscious life".

Public speaker

As a public speaker I am available for all subjects related to spirituality and consciousness. Possible subjects can be: "A conscious society", about developments within society, "The process of awakening", about the big questions in life which everybody deals with.

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Community (free)

Becoming conscious is something we do together. Although the process is individual, you do become more conscious in the interactions with others. In this free and secure community we share knowlegde, experiences and insights about living a more "conscious life" and the practice of spirituality.

More information about Community

Lectures & Webinars

On a structural basis I also organize lectures, which include Q&A-sessions and webinars online. These interactive lectures guide you through the process of becoming more conscious. De lecture vary each time by theme, but are always focus on living on spiritual principles in a practical modern way.

More information about Lectures & webinars

"You and Life are One."

"Conscious life" does not mean that you live your life in a conscious way. It means that you are conscious yourself. Someone who is conscious, lives a conscious life. Life and who you are, are not separate, but One. You are life in your deepest essence.

"Practical Spirituality"

Besides that I would like to characterize my vision on spirituality as "practical". For me spiritual teachings are especially worthy, when they are possible to be integrated in our daily lives. I try to teach as much as possible from my own personal experience, whereby everything I publish is verified before educated. For that reason I would also like to call the form of spirituality I teach "Practical Spirituality".

This is what others say about me:

Roelof is always genuine, honest and has always in mind what is best for you.

Roelof and I have been friends for a while and besides good company, he is also the motivator I needed sometimes at important moments in my life. His direct way of communicating can be confronting on the moment itself, but he does make sure that you hear what you needed to hear and that you will move into action. Roelof is always genuine, honest and has always in mind what is best for you. That is what I truly believe.

Close friend

Roelof combines high-intelligence with high-sensitivity what gives him the special ability to understand people on a very deep-level (intuitive).

I have been coaching Roelof already for 10 years. Roelof combines high-intelligence with high-sensitivity what gives him the special ability to understand people on a very deep-level (intuitive). He can then also make very specific connections and can explain these connections in a clear and structural way. His advice is always focused on practicality and to make you independent. So you can move on with your life by yourself.

Personal coach / Life-coach

Roelof has turned on the proverbial light in me.

I have worked together with Roelof for a year, he as my manager: Roelof has turned on the proverbial light in me and assisted me on my spiritual path from there. Before that I was already living quite a conscious life, but Roelof has the ability to make spirituality very concrete and understanding, so it becomes very easy to integrate it into your practical daily life. For that I am very thankful to Roelof!

Former-colleague / Team-member


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