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We share this Planet Earth with many of us.

Within every human we can find something which we can call The Soul.

Look within the physical-body and the Soul is there.

Every soul is growing through many life-times. It is the consciousness within, which grows.

Every life-time the soul grows by learning. It becomes more aware of things.

We learn by having experiences, gaining knowledge, understanding, reflecting and observing.

We are on this planet to learn and to grow. It is the purpose of our life and the reason why life

challenges us continously. It is the discovery of what is our greatest potential.

At a certain moment the focus of learning shifts from learning about the World outside of us

to learning more about our inner-World.

The soul wants to know itself. We start to question ourselves who we are.

In this learning about who we are, we awaken. We wake-up from our psychological-conditioning and become more free.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic starting in 2020 this Awakening of Humanity has accelerated.

Now more and more people are Waking Up and become more aware of who we are and the society in which we live.

This increase of awareness on the planet is reflected by a lot of social-changes, disruptions of systems and polarity among people.

We live in a time of change, but change however unevitable, goes with ups and downs.

On the other end change will come. Whether we like it or not, evolution is a necessity.

In the next decade the planet will shift massively towards a so called "New Earth".

A "New Earth" driven by big economical, technological, societal, healthcare and educational changes.

It is the arising of a new humanity, the next step in human-evolution.

The Awakening of Humanity.


Roelof de Vries


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