A public speaker about Spirituality for your event.

As a public speaker I am available for any subject related to spirituality or becoming more conscious and living a more conscious life. Possible subjects I could speak about are:

- "A conscious society": about the current development of Western-societies and a perspective on this from a spiritual point-of-view.

- "The process of becoming more conscious: about life-questions like who am I? how to change my life? and how to find the answers.

- "Spirituality in relation to cultural-differences": about growing up in different worlds and how to find your identity from that.

- "Spirituality on the working-floor": about applying spiritual principals within the structures of organizations and companies.

The presentations I give as much as possible interactive, which means there is a lot of time for the audience to ask personal questions. Also I use different kind of tools to make the information I present visible, for example drawings on white-boards. Besides that the way how I mostly present the information is from a cognitive approach: "from understanding to experiencing."

Possible subjects the presentation can be about:

  • Consciousness + universe
  • Consciousness + life / evolution
  • Consciousness + identity / ego
  • Consciousness + brain / mind
  • Consciousness + body / energy
  • Consciousness + health / nutrition
  • Consciousness + career / "doing"
  • Consciousness + social life / relations
  • Consciousness + inner peace / relaxation
  • Consciousness + finance / freedom
  • Consciousness + wellbeing / acceptance
  • Consciousness + society / world

Would you like to exchange ideas about a presentation or any other way of cooperation?

Feel free to contact me!

Or about more specific subjects?

  • Spirituality and growing up in multiple cultures for example adoption
  • Morality within companies and organizations
  • Spiritual Enlightment: The awakening process
  • How to manifest your "dream-life"
  • Practical life's wisdom and the philosophy of life
  • Ayahuasca, Cannabis and the experience of expanding consciousness
  • The teachings of Eckhart Tolle: "Power of Now" & "The New Earth"

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