The School of Self-realization.

The School of Self-realization is a non-traditional school in a way that it is not based on a methodology, philosophy or any theory otherwise.

The School of Self-realization (TSOS) is about finding truth. About waking-up, but not just for a while, but permanently.

The way how we do that is by direct-experience, self-inquiry, self-observation and solid-reasoning.

We sharpen our "intellectual-sword" and intuition to be able to discriminate and cut through everything false.

Only by daring to question our own believes, values, opinions and the validity of it, we can find something which we somehow may call truth.

We have to be willing and courageous enough to let go of everything which gives us hope and psychological-security and keeps everything false alive.

Therefore TSOS is only for those spiritual-seekers which have come to the end of their journey and are ready to stand on their own feet, without the need of any outside authority.

In this final phase the role of the teacher is simply to guide, to question and to keep pushing you till the very end.


To attend the Satsang-sessions you have to match the following criteria:

◾ (Radical) honesty, No-Bullshit

◾ Full Integrity and Authenticity

◾ 100% Responsibility, No-complaining

◾ Seriousness as a seeker or "Tired of seeking"

◾ Perseverance and Pure of Intention

The goal is never to just copy-paste what has been said or heard. Only knowledge derived from our own understanding and experience is true knowledge. Or better said: Insight.


The Satsang-sessions are online by Zoom and have a structure of Questions & Answers.

You bring the questions and if possible/needed you get the answers.

The answers may come directly or indirectly in a form of an exercise, a task to do, a book to read or anything else creative.

The answers given are always specifically for you.


In Satsang we come together to find the truth and nothing else but the truth.

These Online-Satsangs are based on the Questions & Answers structure. So bring all your questions and be open for the answers given.

◾ Every Monday from 20:30 till 22:30 PM (Amsterdam-time).

◾ Online by Zoom.

◾ Spoken language is English, but if needed Dutch is allowed.

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The man in whom Tao acts without impediment

Does not bother with his own interests
And does not despise others who do.

He does not struggle to make money
And does not make a virtue of poverty.

He goes his way without relying on others
And does not pride himself on walking alone.

While he does not follow the crowd
He won’t complain of those who do.

Rank and reward make no appeal to him;
Disgrace and shame do not deter him.

He is not always looking for right and wrong
Always deciding “Yes” and “No”.

The ancients said, therefore:
“The man of Tao remains unknown.
Perfect virtue produces nothing
“No-Self Is true-Self”

And the greatest man is Nobody.”

By Chuang-Tzu


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