Spirituality = Become conscious

Everything that I publish and speak about can be defined as "Spirituality". However I personally find the word spirituality often quite abstract and difficult to understand. For that reason I will give my definition of how I understand word spirituality as "the development of consciousness of human beings" in our society.

Besides that I would like to characterize my vision on spirituality as "practical. For my spiritual teachings are especially worthy, when they are able to be integrate in our daily lives. The spiritual practices I teach are focused on making it possible to integrate that into daily "Westernized" lives. For that reason I would call my form of spirituality also "Practical Spirituality".


Get in touch!

You are welcome to get in touch with me to discuss how I can assist to your development of consciousness. You can reach me by the "Contact-pagina".

1.) First we can have a phone-call to get to know each other and to discuss some more specific details about the possible cooperation (presentation) or training and in which way my assistence would be presented.

2.) When we clearly understand each other and are both convinced about the added value of the cooperation for your event, company or organization or just you, we make an appointment for a coaching-session or we meet each other in person and to make the cooperation even more specific and make the final agreement in case of a presentation.

For more specific information about my services see below.

Public speaker

As a public speaker I am available for all subjects related to spirituality and consciousness. Possible subjects could be: "A conscious society", about developments within society, "The proces of awakening", about the big questions in life which everybody deals with.

More information about Public speaker

Community (free)

Becoming conscious is something we do together. Although the process is individual, you do become more conscious in the interactions with others. In this free and secure community we share knowlegde, experiences and insights about living a more "conscious life" and the practice of spirituality.

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Lectures & Webinars

On a structural basis I also organize lectures, which include Q&A-sessions and webinars online. These interactive lectures guide you through the process of becoming more conscious. De lecture vary each time by theme, but are always focus on living on spiritual principles in a practical modern way.

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