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Blog: "Understanding your burn-out"

What part of humanity is doing on a planetary level exhausting natural resources, your ego is doing on an individual level exhausting your body. On a collective level we might call this "Climate-change", on the personal level we call this is a "burn-out."

A burn-out means you are using more energy, than your body can produce given the circumstances you allow (you might have bad nutrition, less-sleep, less sport = detoxing).

So at certain point the body protects itself by shutting all systems down. If you do not understand what the meaning of this is, a burn-out is just annoying and a pain-in-the ass which prevents you from doing the things you want.

But the meaning of a burn-out is that it gives you the permission, which you did not allow yourself, to finally sit-down and reflect on how you live your life. What drives you? (ego?) What believes do you have (valid?) and what should all this doing lead to? (purpose?)

Your burn-out is the reset 1f642.png(= gift), which gives you the freedom to choose again the life you want to live from now on. It is not the end, it is the beginning of a new chapter.

Once recovered, your body will give you back the control and will serve you again as it did. Only this time you know that your body will serve you, but only if you use it in the right way.

"Your burn-out is a gift of life. Your permission to sit-down and reflect, which you could not give to yourself."

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