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Blog: "Understanding your left-brain"

Your left-brain is assigned to the job to protect you. Make you survive in this world, to continue your status quo. Your analytical skills make you able to judge situations and decide how to act to protect your status-quo.

Without it you might feel more vulnerable, more off-guard and more likely to lose everything you have.

Your left-brain will also tell you about possible risks if you do want to change your status-quo. Again its job is to protect your status-quo.

So if you want to change/grow you have to put the left-brain advice aside sometimes. Listen to what it has to say, judge the advice it has and see if it will help you grow or will keep you in your status-quo.

Do not fight your left-brain, recognize its advice and just understand its job.

"Your left-brain wants to protect you at all costs. Appreciate its intentions, but do not always believe what it says."

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