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Blog: "Understanding your suffering"

The moment you decide you are done with suffering, is the moment you are ready to become your Self. It is the initiation to so called "awakening" from your ego-identification which no longer serves you (makes your feel good) and move on to your true identity, your Self.

I call it Self, because I have to give it some word to describe it, but being your Self has nothing to do with concepts. Being your Self is your natural state, which does not need a description. It is the same state when you are authentic, there is no thinking needed which says I am this, or that.

From a spiritual perspective the more you suffer, the more you are becoming ready for this transistion to who you are. It is the process, whereby the caterpillar, turns into the butterfly. The final stage of the caterpillar is a state of suffering, disoriented, confused, we could say despressed and lost.

If you are able to understand your suffering from this perspective, that it is pushing you towards your "awakening" you have to suffer less and then it is up to you to decide that you are fed-up with having this dys-functional state. The moment you make that decision you free yourself from your suffering ego and that initial moment is the beginning of your transformation of de-identification with ego and becoming your Self.

"The moment you decide that you are done with this depressed state, is the moment you are ready to become your Self again."

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