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Blog: "How to find your passion in life?"

More and more people are looking for their passion in life. This is a great thing. We have reached a certain level of society where survival does not have to be the primairy goal anymore, but doing with your life what you have dreamt of is.

Imagine the potential which will be released when everybody is able to do what you want (basic-income?) and is actually also doing this. We would benefit from even more knowledge, skills and joy shared which is still hidden within a lot of people.

But with the ability to do what you want, the main question in life becomes: What is it? What is my passion?

In life there are two dimensions. The dimension of "doing" and the dimension of "being". The most important dimension to focus on is the dimension of "being". Being means your state of consciousness. The more conscious you are the more you ARE in this world. From your level of consciousness all the doing flows. Not the other way around.

So to find your passion you have to become more conscious. You have to become more yourself in this world and in that process of removing everything that you are not, you will find your passion, that which you really like to do.

But to make it more clear. Your passion is not something you like to do, it is not coming from the dimension of doing. It comes from the dimension of being:

+ You are not doing a dance, you are the dance. + You are not having a business, you are the business. + You are not doing creative things, you are creative.

That which we call passion is not something external from us. Passion is what flows through us in the dimension of doing, because we are fully being it.

So find your passion by becoming more conscious and remove everything that you are NOT.

"A passion is not something you do. It is something that you are. Be who you are and you will find your passion."

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