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Blog: "What is your added value in 2020?"

This morning I read an article about technology trends that will change the World by Bernard Marr. Yesterday, Jan Terlouw spoke about the "Robotizing" of our society at DWDD. Technology seems to be really exponentially growing as an influencer of our daily lives.

A few years ago this triggered in me the question: What is our role as employees and what will work look like, in the future?

To get an answer to this, I read the book: "A whole new mind - Why right-brainers will rule the future" of Daniel Pink (ironically I was in Silicon Valley).

To put it simple technology (robots, machines etc.) will out-do many human activities by just being more efficiënt and accurate. But these activities will mostly be left-brain oriented activities: f.e. analysis, calculations, structuring.

However, it will take much longer for technology to out-do human beings in right-brain oriented activities (if they ever will). So in the future people with right-brain oriented skills will still be necessary and appreciated. What are these skills:

+ Design + Story-telling + Symphony (synthesis of information) + Empathy + Play (humor) + Meaning

"Why right-brainers will rule the future." Daniel H. Pink

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