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Blog: "What can we really know?"

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant said we can never know a thing in itself. We are always bound by the limitations of our own individual sensory-perception-system. We can observe the thing and touch it and research it, but we can never know what it really is.

I think he is right on this. We label things and from that moment we turn it into a concept. We think that we know the thing, but what we actually know is the concept.

Something similar is the connotation of the "why-question". The why-question consists of actually two questions. One refering to the "how does it come?" and one to the "what is the purpose?". Most of the time we answer the "how does it come" and we think we solved both questions, but that is incorrect to my opinion. The "what is the purpose" question stays unanswered most of the time.

Truth is, to me, that we know only partially what is going on, there is a lot we do not fully comprehend and to become conscious of that is very liberating.

Because it leaves space for the imagination and for an infinite number of possibilities and perspectives to be in this World.

"You can never really know a thing in itself. Leave space for the mystery of life."

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