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Blog: "Your best intention for 2018!"

In every healthy human being you find two personalities. Those two personalities are the representations of your left and right brain hemisphere. In the left we find our ego and in the right we find our what I call Self.

The ego in your left-side brain is the one which is constantly talking to you, telling you what to do and who you are. The right-side is more silence, more in the moment and more filled with joy and peace.

We are the one, who is conscious of all this. We are the pure consciousness which is witnessing these two personalities in us. Mindfulness is the practice to be this witness and to stay this witness in every possible situation. Being a witness means you can then deliberately choose to listen to the egoic voice or to step into the silence of the right-side. Mindfulness gives you this freedom and inner-space, so you can choose if and to what extend you want to be involved with your thoughts and emotions.

We need both sides in our World, but the left-side with our ego has dominated our society for the last centuries and our challenge this century is to restore the balance, so our right-side qualities can also have their place again in our future society. These qualities are compassion, peace, love, joy, freedom and respect.

So every individual has to take up this challenge for themselves and choose to restore the balance in each one of us.

I encourage you to make this your best intention for 2018! 1f642.png

Happy christmas!

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