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Blog: "Confront and question, but never blame"

Everybody is perceiving the World from their own level of consciousness. From that level some things seem right and some wrong. Everybody is living their lives from what they believe is right and how could you do it differently?

For that reason never blame a person for the decisions it makes. Although you think it is wrong. We can not act beyond our own level of consciousness. First you have to become conscious and then your behaviour changes, not the otherway around.

Not blaming people, does not mean that we should not confront and question behaviour, believes and opinions which seem wrong from your perspective. But always be conscious of the different levels.

The same applies to yourself, never blame yourself for things you were not conscious of.

If you would have known, you would have done different.

"Never blame someone or yourself, because you can never live beyond your own level of consciousness."

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