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Blog: "Where to find lasting satisfaction?"

For years I have been running around the World finding satisfaction. And I did find it; first in partying, later in traveling, my job and reading books about spirituality. But the satisfaction I found was always temporary.

Sometimes it lasted a few hours or even a few days, but in the end I was always back in my neutral stance, thinking about what to do next to become satisfied again.

Recently I have been running out of plans, after doing so much already there seems to be less and less to discover in the World.

But the more I run out of plans. The less I search for satisfaction. The more I start feeling satisfied without any reason. It is just there, because I am present. There is nothing I do, except stepping out of my thinking mind and become still inside.

The satisfaction I find by just being in the present moment is maybe not that euphoric as going to a techno-party, dancing all night. But it is without any costs, it is lasting.

"The World can not give you lasting satifaction, only temporary. Lasting satisfaction can only be found be becoming present, being in the moment."

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